We have received funding from the Norwegian Arts Council to produce a full scale Norwegian-Icelandic production of Wayfaring Stranger, text by Jeff Pedersen, music by Jeff Pedersen and Jacob Wyrtz. Wayfaring Stranger is a one-man show about the experience of being an immigrant to Norway, featuring monologues and bluegrass music.

Further performances of Jølster Hotell have been cancelled due to Corona restrictions, but we are already planning the next tour!

Our next self produced play, Jølster Hotell, has received funding from Norsk Kulturrådet and Fond For Lyd og Bilde! Almost fully financed now. Jølster Hotell will tour Vestlandet in the Autumn of 2020.

Upcoming workshop in onstage intimacy, January 14-17, working together with Siobhan Richardson, one of the founders of Intimacy Directors International. Limited place for a extremely valuable course which is not often available in Norway. We held a workshop together in Oslo a couple of years ago, and Dagbladet followed it up with this article. It was also covered in the industry magazine, Stikkordet.

Monologue workshop coming up in Bergen! Only 12 places available. In partnership with Norsk Skuespillerforbundet and Hordaland Teater.

After 28 years, Herøyspelet will have a new director.  Looking forward to seeing what we can do with this fantastic play written by Rolf Losnegård.

Jeff will be directing his first full opera this autumn! Hans og Grete, by Humperdink, will be produced by Opera Nordfjord. Tickets on sale now!

Soon time for Dragseidspelet! Dragseidspelet is a Viking history play which takes place on the westernmost point in Norway. Beautiful landscape, great story, and a wonderful group of people to work with.

Not exactly the way we want to gain publicity. Suffered a broken back in a stage accident…

Det gule tapetet in the news! Firda and Sogn Avis

and again in Sogn Avis

Extremely excited to announce our next production, Det Gule tapetet, a psychological horror performed in Harastølen, a condemned asylum on top of a mountain in Luster.

kr50.000 to Det Gule tapetet from Sogn og Fjordane fylkeskommune! Tusen takk!

kr500.000 from Kulturrådet to produce The Yellow Wallpaper (Det gule tapetet)! Coming to Harastølen in July!

Directing three shows for Sogn og Fjordane Teater this year, Kinnaspelet, world premiere of Nasjonal Prøve, and Julekrybba

Palmerevyen, Norway’s oldest political comedy revue, is coming up! I’ll be directing it again this year.

Kinnaspelet 2018 is not far away! Tickets now available.

Great review of Julekrybba, directed for Sogn og Fjordane Teater, in Firda (subscription required)

The Hedda Prize nominated Romeo og Julie at Det Norske Teatret has been extended through the Autumn.

Kinnaspelet was a joy to work on, and played before 2500 in an amazing location in beautiful weather.

NRK on Kinnaspelet

Firdaposten interview with Jeff Pedersen

Dragseidspelet performed for over 900, triple the previous audience. More press on Dragseidspelet.

Jeff will soon be directing Kinnaspelet and Dragseidspelet – tickets on sale now!

See Jeff’s fight direction in Romeo og Julie at Det Norske Teatret in Oslo!

Video of Staveneset.Krig now available! Staveneset.Krig Full Performance

Jeff is currently touring Sogn og Fjordane this Autumn as “Kurt” in Sogn og Fjordane Teater’s production of Strindberg’s Dance of Death (Dødsdansen).

Creeping Shadows has received development frunding from Kulturrådet!

All 7 performances of Staveneset.Krig were entirely sold out!